Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Cupcake Stand

Don't you just love cupcakes!?  They're tasty, fun sized, and you get to dress them in cute little wrappers! :)  I am known for my love of making cupcakes and known around the house for having an obsession for cupcake stands (or just anything that comes on a pedestal)!  So, instead of buying yet another cupcake stand, I decided to make one.

I came across this great tutorial by A Diamond In The Stuff for making this stand.  The only difference that you will notice is that I turned my glasses the other way around to allow more room for cupcakes.  I think my plates were smaller so there wasn't a lot of room when I had them facing down.

I followed her tutorial and gathered up these supplies:

3 plates of different sizes (I chose ones of different shapes to give it some contrast)

2 stemmed glasses (I chose ones with detail to make it more interesting)

I used one from each set

Very strong glue (I used a 5 minute Epoxy)

Enamel Spray Paint (I used Rust-Oleum in white)

Make sure that all dishes are clean and remove any raised decorations or backings on plates. 
Place the plates in the order that you want them in and glue away!
Once they are glued into place, you might want to add some weight to the top to ensure a strong hold.
Allow the glue to dry and then spray with Enamel spray paint.
Allow the spray paint to dry for a full day and Ta Da!

In my case, I am wanting to use this stand for cookies at my upcoming wedding. So, I will probably have to add doilies to the plates.  I wasn't sure if unwrapped food would be okay to sit on this spray paint so I asked Courtney and she suggested doilies.  I love doilies so it's settled!

Any ideas for different cookie stands for my wedding??  I want a variety so keep the ideas coming!


  1. This is such a genius idea :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    xx, V

  2. That came out really nice! Great job.

  3. Lovely photos! Looks great