Hi!  My name is Stephanie.  I am engaged to a wonderful man named Dan.
Dan will make a few appearances in my postings from time to time.  He is amazing in many ways but mainly because he aids in my obsessions.  I love fashion, eating, baking, home projects, anything DIY, crafts, and my newest obsession...make-up!  Well, Dan enjoys the home projects and DIY parts.  I have yet to get him on the fashion and make-up band wagon.  I am obsessed with anything that excites me!  Seriously, if I find something that I like, I attack it full force.  So, that explains why my blog is about so many random things.

I came up with the name Sweet Tuesdays because I bake something for Dan to bring to work with him every Tuesday.  Let's just say that he is pretty popular around the work place.  So, it became a thing around the house of "what to make for Tuesday".  I do this because I absolutely love to bake (obsession), but I can't have all of these goodies laying around the house all the time.  I would be as big as a house if I did :).  So, I just enjoy myself while baking things and then just send it on its way.  This is what I like to call "healthy baking".

Along with baking tasty treats, we are always finding new ways to update our home.  With the addition of Pinterest into my life...I am always finding projects that I want to do and that Dan needs to help me with!

I am also a Fashion major and have had a love for fashion my whole life.  I really want to somehow incorporate that into my blog.  Still not quite sure how...

Anyway, please feel free to give me any comments or suggestions.  I would love to hear from you and get your thoughts on my blog.